News Round Up

March 25, 2012

The Environment Agency warned this week that the continuing drought in some regions of the UK could leave already endangered species such as water voles, great crested newts, dragonflies and wading birds at risk if it goes on and said that they would be making extra efforts to protect wildlife.

Three children died in Toulouse, France this week after a gunman fired at them; a Rabbi was also killed.  The man behind the killings had also killed three soldiers in a separate incident and the man was later killed after a long stand-off with French police.

Yet another bomb ripped through Iraq this week. Twelve cities were targeted, including the capital Baghdad,  200 were reported injured and more than 40 dead.  The bombings come ahead of an Arab League summit scheduled for 29 March.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the 2012 Budget on Wednesday.  It was meant to encourage growth and help businesses but didn’t offer anything which would help the young employed into work.  George Osborne soon came under fire for a ‘simplification’ of the tax system which could see many pensioners losing out.

A proposal to introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol was announced this week.  The proposals were not welcomed by many and David Cameron admitted he didn’t expect the plans to be “universally acceptable” – and he was right; the British Retail Consortium are among those speaking out.

The Government announced this week that in another bid to curb the increasing rates of obesity, food manufactures and supermarkets would be pledging to cut the amount of calories in some food products.  Some supermarkets are planning new ranges as part of the pledge while some manufacturers will be capping the amount of calories in some well-known products.

If you have ever wondered just why humans began to walk upright it could have been to free up their hands to carry scarce resources, according to a new study.  Find out more here.


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