As a relative peace falls on Syria, the United Nations has warned that the world is looking on.

In accordance with Kofi Annan’s six-point plan, most of the violence stopped on Thursday.  However, gunfire could still be heard and nine people are said to have been left dead.  There are also reports of some firing over the border with Turkey but this was described as a once off incident.

Assad has reserved the right to attack should Syria come under “terrorist” attack – a term Assad has previously used to describe those taking part in the uprising; the peace plan remains tenuous.

Even with the ceasefire in place, Syria are still in breach of the six-point plan and have yet to pull its armoured vehicles out of populated areas; the plight of the Syrians still trapped there remains desperate and the need for humanitarian aid is great.

Commenting in a UN news release, UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon said:

“The world is watching, however, with sceptical eyes since many promises previously made by the Government of Syria had not been kept.”

“As of this afternoon, as of this moment, the situation looks calmer. We are following it very closely.”

At the moment there are no UN observers on the ground to see how fully the cessation of violence is being implemented but the UN Security Council is working to get observers on the ground as soon as possible.

However, after a year of bloodshed it is difficult to see how the situation in Syria will be fully resolved.  Thousands and thousands of people have lost their lives and human rights abuses are rife.  If Internet footage can be verified then abuses have occurred on both sides; the fight for Syria still looks like a battle to the end but for now there is hope.

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