23 years on after the Hillsborough disaster, campaigners still continue their calls for justice for the 96 Liverpool football fans who died on 15 April 1989.  The tragedy occurred during a semi-final FA Cup tie between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough Stadium.

As well as the 96 who lost their lives in the crush, nearly 800 more were injured, all of them Liverpool fans.  Lord Taylor carried out a report into the tragedy and concluded that the main reason behind the disaster was a lack of control by police.  Since the disaster, measures have been implemented to make stadiums safer.

In the aftermath of  Hillsborough – and at a time of great grief for those lost – many lies and untruths were written about the conduct of the fans, stories that were completely untrue and without basis.  The stories were another injustice that the families of the victims had to face.

All of these years on, questions still remain.  Documents relating to the tragedy are due to be published this year and may offer at least some answers to the families but the fight for justice for each of the victims and their families continues.

On Sunday, a memorial service which is held every year to mark the day, was live streamed by Liverpool Football Club for those not able to attend the service in person.  Twenty-three -years on it is a tragic event which should continue to be remembered.

Details of the work being carried out by the Hillsborough Family Support Group can be found on the website.


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