News Round Up

April 16, 2012

The ‘Buckner Ball’ from the 1986 is to go auction next month and is expected to raise at least $100,00.  Find out more here.

The 10 April deadline for the peace deal passed without the withdrawal of troops from the populated areas of Syria.  However, there has been some limited progress since.  Whether the fragile peace can hold and a political dialogue can go ahead remains to be seen.

Young student Jamie Roberts was so moved by the plight of those caught up in sex trafficking that she set up her own non-profit.  You can find out more about here work here.

High street chain Mothercare announced the closures of more of its Mothercare and Early Learning Centres.  The closures are part of a strategy to restore UK profitability.

On Thursday, the worst of the violence abated in Syria.  However, the cessation of violence isn’t being fully implemented and the UN has warned Syria that the world is watching.

On Friday, North Korea launched a rocket in spite it being in breach of a UN resolution.  The launch was not successful, landing a few minutes later in the Yellow Sea but North Korea’s actions have attracted condemnation from world leaders.

This Sunday marked the Centenary of the Titanic disaster.  Ceremonies and exhibitions are being held worldwide to mark the anniversary.  What shouldn’t go unmentioned but did by most news organisations was the Hillsborough anniversary,; Sunday marked 23 years since the tragedy.

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