It’s week five of Sir Alan Sugar’s search for a business partner and this week the teams were tasked with creating a new fitness programme which the teams had to try and license to three of the UK’s biggest fitness chains.

Stephen Brady headed up Phoenix while the unlikely named Ricky Martin was project manager for Sterling.  Ricky’s team choose to blend martial arts with dance and called what they hoped would be the new fitness craze “Beat Battle” while Phoenix came up with the eighties-inspired workout “Groove Train.”

“Beat Battle” seemed to be the better idea on the face of it but the idea wasn’t well liked by the businesses that Sterling pitched to; the team spent far too long arguing among themselves over ‘creative differences’.

Meanwhile, the eighties-inspired “Groove Train” looked decidedly cheesy, had a promo video which could induce a migraine if watched for too long, and featured one team member in shorts tight enough to make a grown man’s eyes water.

Then came the pitches.  These are usually enough to make anyone wince but they went surprisingly well with Ricky Martin getting praised for how he handled his pitch.

However, when it came to the boardroom, it was announced that Phoenix had won, despite not winning the first two pitches.  Virgin Active liked the fun, family element to the concept.

Once back in the Boardroom, Laura and Duane joined team leader Ricky Martin.  It did look for a moment like Ricky Martin would be going but in the end it was Duane who was told “you’re fired!”

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