News Round Up

April 29, 2012

The  United Nations approved a 300 strong unarmed observer force to go to Syria.  A ceasefire is already in force, however, reports of gunfire, deaths and shelling continues.  Read more here.

The Syrian Expatriates Organization has raised concerns over the devastation being caused to the country’s heritage by the on going conflict.  For 14 months the battle has raged and one aspect of this story which often goes over looked by mainstream media is the damage being caused to Syria’s ancient sites and antiquities.

A new study from the United States appears to show that oxygen therapy could be used as a treatment for pain.  Any chronic pain sufferer will now that despite the numerous pain killing medications available, few of them are totally effective and some of them are dangerous to take long term.  Any alternative that doesn’t require pain killing medication has to be a step in the right direction.

A new era in space exploration could by upon us if the announcement by Planetary Resources goes as planned.  Plans to announce mine asteroids for water and precious metals were announced this week .

Teenagers who take ecstasy or speed could be more vulnerable to depression, a new study has shown.  The study by the University of Montreal highlights the problems that indulging in recreational drugs can have on the mental health of teenagers.

The former president of Liberia Charles Taylor was found guilty of war crimes this week.  Taylor, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges and has the right to appeal.

A fifth Somali man was convicted this week for the tole he played in the piracy of the SV Quest which led to the deaths of four American tourists.  Read more here.

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