A gold nugget is expected to get bids of more than $300,000 when it goes up for auction on 20 May.  The 17-ounce nugget was discovered by an amateur collector in Arizona.

The nugget was discovered by Bud Guthrie and was found in Dolan Springs, Mohave County, east of the Colorado River canyon bottom.  The quartz nugget will be sold as part of a Natural History and Fine Minerals Signature Auction held by Heritage Auctions in New York. Bud Guthrie had been searching in the cold for hour; his search was at first fruitless until he went into desert country where he discovered the nugget sixteen inches beneath the ground.

The quartz nugget will be sold alongside many other gems at the forthcoming auction.  Other highlights include a Blue Fluorite on quartz, a Gem Tanzanite crystal, and a Blue Tourmaline from Afghanistan.

An Azurite on Malachite from the Chessy Copper Mines in France will also be sold at the auction.  Its provenance is related to the Archduke Stephan of the House of Habsburg-Lothringen (1817-1867).

Commenting in a press release, Jim Walker of Heritage Auction, said:

“Archduke Stephan Franz Victor was a passionate mineral collector.”

“Mining was in its heyday all over the Empire during his reign and, with his royal connections, income and demonstrated aptitude for minerals, it’s not surprising that he amassed one of the most important collections in the world – at one time numbering more than 20,000 specimens. The vast majority of that collection resides today at the Natural History Museum in Berlin, though treasures like this one occasionally show up on the market and are always highly sought after.”

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