Letters which purportedly contained threats have been received in Portland recently.  The letters are also purported to have a powdery substance contained within them.  While the FBI doesn’t state exactly what the substance was, it does state that it tests have shown it to be non-toxic.

The FBI advises that similar letters may be received in the coming days but says that they “believe they have stopped the sender or senders’ ability to continue this stream of threat”.  The FBI also states that they don’t believe there is any danger to the public.

Staff from the Portland Police Bureau and the Portland Fire Bureau have been involved in the investigation, which is on-going.

No one has yet been charged with any offense and the FBI says it will not be giving any further information at this stage.  The FBI warns that the penalties for such offences are harsh and could result in 10 years in jail or five years for a hoax offense.

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