News Round Up

May 20, 2012

EU Naval Force took action this week to destroy equipment used by Somali pirates.  The equipment was situated on the Somali coastline.  Earlier this year the Council of the European Union extended the mandate for EUNAVFOR Atalanta and announced operations would be extended to cover the Somalia coastline.

Disco legend Donna Summer died this week.  Summer was aged 63 and had been suffering from lung cancer.  She first became famous in the seventies for a string of disco hits including “I feel love” and “Love to Love you Baby”.  In the eighties she adopted more of a disco sound and worked with producers Stock/Aitken and Waterman.

New research presented this week at the American Pain Society suggests that migraines may not be vascular as often thought but neurological.  This research could lead to new treatments which would target the peripheral and central nervous systems.

If you like your coffee then you’ll be pleased to know that it could actually be good for you.  Find out more here.

This week, Jennifer Crystal Johnson shared her story.  You can read more here.

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