Following recent events in Kenya, the Foreign Office has updated its travel advice.  In a press release it is advised that people avoid travelling to coastal areas within 150km of the Somalia border and only to travel if it is essential.

The Foreign Office issued the update following two recent cases.  On September 11, a British woman was kidnapped and her husband killed and on October 1, a French tourist was kidnapped.

Both attacks were carried out in the Lamu area and involved armed gangs.  The Foreign Office states that beach-front cottages and boats off the coast are vulnerable to attack.  The press release also states that the travel advice will be kept under a review.

In a press release, the Foreign Office said:

“FCO travel advice is kept under constant review in the light of the situation on the ground.  Travel advice is based on objective assessments of the risk to British nationals, whose safety is our main concern.”

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