After weeks of wet, windy, and colder than average temperatures, people in the UK will be pleased to know that the Met office are promising us drier and brighter weather in the coming week.  However, the better weather isn’t all good news as it will bring with it a higher pollen count.

The Met office says the pollen levels could be set to soar to high or very high in the central region and it’s also set to increase in some southern areas.

Hay Fever sufferers can keep up-to-date with the latest information on the pollen count by visiting the Met Office website where pollen counts are made available.

Commenting in a press release, Health Manager at the Met Office, Patrick Sachon said:

”Following the rain we saw in April and the rain over the last few weeks, grass has grown well, more than last year, when it was much drier. This is therefore expected to cause higher levels of grass pollen than last year.”

”The Met Office forecast for the next couple of days is for the UK to be drier and a little more settled that of late in most areas. Occasional showers are likely but with plenty of bright or sunny spells and temperatures in the high teens or low twenties in some parts. This will lead to much higher pollen counts than in recent weeks. This means that those who suffer from hay fever will need to keep an eye the pollen count over the next few days.”

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