Provisional figures released by the Met Office shows that June 2012 was the wettest on record, something that should not come as surprise to residents in the UK as the weather in the past month has been continually unsettled with frequent heavy rain showers; the weather was also unseasonably cold in June, a trend which has continued on into July.

Records were also broken in April when the Met office announced that April 2012 had been the wettest since records began in 1910.  The June weather came close to breaking another record as the lack of sunshine and blue skies led to last month becoming the second dullest June on record.  There were just 119.2 hours of sunshine, according to the Met office, and it was also the coolest June since 1991.

The heavy June rains caused flooding in some areas around the UK and the brief but heavy rain showers also contributed to the rainfall for last month which measured 145.3mm beating the previous record of 136.2mm, which was set in 2007.


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