If the nerves were there then it didn’t show as Andy Murray strode onto the court at Wimbledon on Sunday afternoon for his match against six-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer.  Murray took a moment to take it all in before the match got underway and then it was all business.

Murray got off to a strong start, taking the first set.  However, it would not be too long before Federer started producing some of his finest tennis and he took the lead in the second set.  The set was a close one as would be expected by two sports men of such calibre; Federer would walk away as winner of the second set.

In the early moments of the third set, rain stopped play, providing an opportunity for both men to regroup and replenish.  The rain break did little to dent either of the men’s determination as they returned to the court ready to continue the battle for the title of Wimbledon champion.

As the third set continued, momentum had clearly swung Federer’s way and he began to dominate the match.  The match was now being played under the roof at this point, effectively making it an indoors match and this seemed to swing the odds further in Federer’s favour.  There was a brief moment of concern in the third set after Murray slipped.  However, the fall didn’t appear to be as bad as it looked, nor did it hinder Murray’s game.  A rejuvenated Federer was soon 5-2 up in the third set and the Federer would walk away as winner of the set.

The fourth set started out evenly matched with Murray and Federer each winning a game each but Federer was not going to be denied his first Grand Slam win in more than 18 months and would ultimately triumph leaving the court back at number one, and with his seventh Wimbledon title.

While Murray didn’t win, he has much to be proud of.  He became the first British player to appear in a Wimbledon final since Bunny Austin in 1938.  While some critics/commentators might point to the chances Murray had in the second set, he played well against one of the best and cannot be accused of not giving it his all.

Murray’s emotion was clear for all to see at the end of the match and showing that side of himself may well win him a few more fans.  There were some that thought Murray would never make it to a Wimbledon final yet he’s proved them wrong.  At just twenty-five-years old, Murray still has time on his side – and there is always next year.

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