After months of heavy rain, forecasters at the Met Office have promised us some sunshine just in time for the summer holidays and the start of the Olympics.

The Met Office says that the jet stream which has been responsible for the poor weather has returned to normal and the low-pressure system is being guided away from the United Kingdom which should lead to the much longed for sunnier weather for residents in the UK.

Commenting in a press release, Martin Young, Chief Forecaster at the Met Office, said:

“As we move towards the weekend we will see a return to a more normal summer weather pattern for the UK. This will bring dry and bright conditions to southern parts over the weekend, and some much needed rainfall to the far north west of Scotland – where it has been exceptionally dry.”

The opening ceremony for the Olympic Games will be held this Friday.  It is hoped that the warmer weather will continue until then but the Met office says they can’t give a detail forecast for the event yet.

In a press release, Sandie Dawe, Chief Executive at VisitBritain said:

“The weather is a peculiarly British obsession, our international visitors come all year round for our temperate climate and enjoy a dash of unpredictability. Sunshine will help to get us all in the party mood, as we show the warmth of our welcome and the British know how to host not just a great Games but a great party too.  Come rain or shine – Britain is the place to be in 2012.”

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