Sweden has confirmed that it has dropped the majority of the investigation against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. However, even with most of the investigation dropped, Assange will remain unable to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy, which has been his home for nearly three years.

Assange faces arrest if he leaves the Embassy, and the WikiLeaks founder is fearful over the possibility that he could be extradited to the States as US prosecutors are still pursuing charges against Assange and WikiLeaks.

In a statement, Julian Assange said:

“There was no need for any of this. I am an innocent man. I haven’t even been charged. From the beginning I offered simple solutions. Come to the embassy to take my statement or promise not to send me to the United States.”

Media reports published on Wednesday stated the majority of the investigation was due to be dropped due to the statute of limitations expiring. However, one allegation will remain outstanding until 2020.

Commenting on the announcement, Carey Shenkman, a First Amendment Attorney, said:

“Keeping Assange detained for five years only to drop most of the case has taken an unacceptable toll on Assange’s health, family, and reputation.”

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