Tensions between Argentina and the United Kingdom have increased following the recent deployment of the HMS Dauntless to the South Atlantic, a move which has been considered inflammatory by Argentina.

However, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon is hopeful that Argentina and the United Kingdom will be able to avoid any further escalations of the dispute and has called for dialogue between the two governments.

Ban Ki-Moon held a meeting with the Argentine Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman yesterday, according to a UN press release.  During the meeting, Ban Ki-moon voiced his concerns over the escalating exchanges between Buenos Aires and London.  The Secretary-General urged the two governments to address their dispute peacefully.  The meeting follows the announcement that Argentina had filed a formal protest with the UN.

The sovereignty of the Falklands has long been debated and Argentina still lay claim to them.  In 1982 a two-month war ensued after Argentina invaded the Islands.  255 Britons died in the war and almost 800 were injured.  This year will mark the 30th anniversary of the conflict and there are concerns by some that this could inflame the conflict.

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