On paper it didn’t look to be a fair competition, nevertheless Prince Harry beat Jamaican athlete and five-time world gold medallist Usain Bolt in a 30 metre race at the University of the West Indies.

The Queen was unable to go on this tour, denying many of us the race that we really would like to have seen, but Prince Harry did make a more than adequate opponent.

Dressed in a Jamaican athletics team kit, the young prince gave himself a head start and literally jumped the gun leaving Usain Bolt at the start line looking not entirely sure what happened, but when you’ve challenged the world’s faster man to a race then you’ve got to get all of the advantages that you can.

The race was all part of the prince’s visit to the Caribbean where he is representing the Royal family during the Diamond Jubilee Tour.  During the visit, the sprightly prince has addressed a youth rally in the Bahamas, attended a State Dinner at the Kings House, Kingston and visited the Victoria Jubilee Hospital.

Speaking at the University of the West Indies Law Facility, where Prince Harry received an honorary fellowship, he said:

“…I have to say, that it is rather more restful being here – having  just emerged from the relative tranquillity of the Moot Court – than it  was an hour ago, when I was being put through my paces by the world’s  fastest star – who I beat, by the way.”

Prince Harry looked thrilled with himself at the end of the race although it does appear that the record-winning Usain Bolt didn’t do all he could to win the race but let’s not tell Prince Harry that just yet.




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