Looking like old pals, the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama sat alongside each other last night while watching a ball game and eating hot dogs, which I presume the President paid for.

In the meanwhile, the dress sense of Samantha Cameron and Michelle Obama was thought worthy of much discussion online and has led to some not-very-flattering comments on the Internet regarding the two ladies’ fashion sense.

While the first day of David Cameron’s state visit has been pretty relaxed, on Wednesday the two world leaders will be getting down to far more serious issues such as the increasingly fragile relationship between Afghanistan and the United States following an incident at the weekend which left 16 Afghan civilians dead.

David and Samantha Cameron were scheduled to arrive at the White House, where the Union Flag is flying, at 9.00am EST on Wednesday.  This will be followed by a bilateral meeting between Cameron and Obama at 10.00am EST; a press conference is scheduled for mid-day and  a state dinner will be held this evening.

During this morning’s speech, President Obama said:

“The storied relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom is steeped in tradition.  And last night, as President, I shared with the Prime Minister a uniquely American tradition of bracketology.”

“Today, we carry on another tradition — an official visit for one of our closest friends and our dearest allies.  Prime Minister Cameron, Mrs. Cameron, members of the British delegation — on behalf of the American people, it is my great honor to welcome you to the United States.”

“…It’s now been 200 years since the British came here, to the White House — under somewhat different circumstances.  They really lit up the place.”

Obama also touched on much deeper issues such as terrorism and the Arab Spring paying tribute to the “brave citizens” in the Middle East and North Africa.

Speaking this morning at the White House, David Cameron said:

“…So I am a little embarrassed, as I stand here, to think that 200 years ago — my ancestors tried to burn this place down.”

And thank you also for the lessons last night.  I will leave America with some new words — alley-hoops, brackets, fast breaks, and who knows — maybe that hoop will be installed in Downing Street after all.”

The UK Prime Minister went on to reaffirm the partnership between the two countries.  Some are seeing the official visit as a rekindling of the ‘special relationship’, which many see as more beneficial to the US than to the UK, but others disagree.  Either way, it’s good to see two of the world’s most powerful men kicking back at a ball game and showing their human sides.

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