Review: The Voice

May 14, 2012

I liked the upbeat start to the show, if not the singing style of some of the contestants, but surely they could come up with something more contemporary than Jamiroquai? Jamiroquai are a great band but they’ve not been in the charts for a while.

It was Team Tom and Team Will competing this week and they both stood to lose two members with the remaining acts going through to the semi-finals; Team Danny and Team Jessie were doing the performances.

The duets this week were good and Will I Am’s performance gave the show some much needed energy and sparkle which the show has lacked in recent weeks.  There was another stand out performance from Ruth this week so it came as no surprise that she was the first to go through to the semis; I’d be very surprised if she wasn’t in the show’s final and its eventual winner.

By the end of the show Jaz, Tyler and Leanne were all through to the semi-finals as well while the other contestants were sent home.

I thought the show was better this week and had more energy but that could have been down to the judges’ performances, all of them experienced performers by now.  The Voice, though, just seems a little dated even with contemporary acts on the panel.  Perhaps the contestants should be performing songs that a wider public would be familiar with and perhaps write a few of their own which would really give the show an edge that others just don’t have.

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