UK Prime Minister David Cameron has issued a statement following the death of former Libyan leader Colonel Qadhafi; he was killed today after reportedly being caught up in a gun battle in Sirte.  Sirte was Qadhafi’s home town and it had long been thought that he was hiding there.

Commenting in the statement, the Prime Minister said:

“I think today is a day to remember all of Colonel Qadhafi’s victims, from those who died in connection with the Pan-Am flight over Lockerbie to Yvonne Fletcher in a London street and obviously all the victims of IRA terrorism who died through their use of Libyan Semtex.”

“We should also remember the many, many Libyans who died at the hands of this brutal dictator and his regime.”

David Cameron went on to pledge his support to the Libyan people to help rebuild the country, much of which has been destroyed by the battle between the rebels and Qadhafi supporters.

TV pictures show the Libyan people celebrating upon hearing the news and Libyan people now living in the UK have spoken of their relief.

Qadhafi is said to have been alive but wounded when captured, there are no firm details of what happened after that but footage from Al Jazeera shows his blood stained body.

Foreign Secretary William Hague stated on Five Live this evening that he would rather that Qadhafi had faced justice.


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