Fans of the popular TV show NCIS have the chance to own some autographed memorabilia in an online auction to raise money for the non-profit group the Boys and Girls Club of North Central Texas.

The Boys and Girls Club of North Central Texas was established in 1992 and provides educational, recreational, social and cultural enrichment programmes for local youths.  Among other things, the club, which is open to young people aged from 6-17, provides a safe place to go and gives young people something to belong to.

The auction will close at noon on December 15 and bidders can take part in the auction by visiting the organisations website at and clicking on the ‘events’ link.

The memorabilia has been donated by  Belisarius Productions, the producer of NCIS, and includes an autographed picture of the NCIS cast, a NCIS Cast and Crew cap, a signed script of the “Enemies Foreign” episode and cast pictures.  At the time of writing, the bid was at $350.00.

Rick Troutman, Vice President Resource Development, said:

“We are very fortunate to have received such great autographed souvenirs from one of the most popular shows on television”.

“The donated mementos are perfect for fans or collectors of the show and they would make a one of a kind Christmas present”.

“These types of autographed items are not generally available to the public and we are very thankful to Donald Bellisario of Belisarius Productions for the donation”.

“100% of the money received from the auction will go directly to support the programs of the Boys and Girls Clubs of North Central Texas”.





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