As the rescue operation in the Swansea Valley continued, South Wales Police announced on Friday that they have recovered the body of one of the four miners from the Gleision Colliery

Rescue teams were said have remained hopeful on Friday morning but hopes were soon dashed with discovery of a second body, this was later followed by the news that the of the third body being discovered, it was announced a short while after 6.00pm on Friday  that the body of the fourth miner had also been discovered.

It was reported yesterday four miners became trapped 300ft underground after a tunnel collapsed. The police say that after Thursday’s incident, two men were able to free themselves from the flooded colliery while another man was taken to Morriston Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

A press release issued by South Wales Police states that the families of the men have been told the news but the bodies have yet to be identified.  Three of the men are from the Swansea Valley and the other man is said to be from Neath.

In a statement on his website on Thursday, Peter Hain, the MP for Neath, gave his assurances that everything was being done to rescue the men.  He said:

“I have now had conversations with those in charge of the rescue operation and sought assurances that they have all the resources available to rescue the men.”

“I have asked the Government in Westminster for additional mines rescue staff,
facilities and resources if these are needed.”

“There must be no effort spared to ensure the men are brought to safety.” 

 MP Peter Hain told the BBC that he had spoken to families and described the situation as an”unbelievable nightmare”.

In a short statement published on the Downing Street website, Prime Minister David Cameron said:

 “It is obviously a desperately sad situation, and one can only imagine the anguish that those families are going through and will go through, and clearly the sorrow of losing loved ones.”

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